Trip to 110

That’s It!

We all have our boundaries, and no matter what the topic is, we all have those things that makes us go: “That’s it! I can’t and won’t take this anymore!”. When it comes to your weight, it is easy to forget what those points are. Continue reading “That’s It!”


Help! My Device Doesn’t Sync

So, you have a device, with a heart rate monitor. You have it linked to you MFP account. By now you’ve probably noticed that it takes a while before the two applications get synced. Maybe you’ve even had the same problem as I did a couple of weeks ago, when it doesn’t sync at all!

Don’t worry though! I found out how they calculate the exercised calories, so you can estimate yourself how much you’ve burned during the day. Continue reading “Help! My Device Doesn’t Sync”

Balancing Your Macros

It’s now been 2 weeks since I first met with my personal trainer. During our first meeting we went through nutrition, and how I need to balance my macros more, i.e. Protein, Carbs, and Fat. It is constantly a struggle, and I still have no idea how to truly get the balance right. Continue reading “Balancing Your Macros”

Summary Report Week 1-4

2000897_origIt’s been 4 full weeks since I [re]started this journey to a healthier, thinner me. In the beginning I was struggling so much. I skipped a meal per day, in order to not go over my 1200 calorie goal, which at the time felt so little. But things have changed. . .  Continue reading “Summary Report Week 1-4”

The beginning is the most important part of the work.

Dilemma Encountered

We all encounter dilemmas at some points. At times they are legit justified dilemmas. However, from my experience dilemmas are mostly based on indecisiveness, based on what I want versus what I should/is the right thing to do. Continue reading “Dilemma Encountered”

The Danger with Milestones

The thing with part-time goals (or milestones) is that they are just as dangerous as they can be a motivating factor if you really think about.
Continue reading “The Danger with Milestones”

Day 7 – Snacks

Today wasn’t really a day I struggled with anything, or had problems with anything. Instead I proved myself something cool . . . I can go a day without any snacks! 😀 Continue reading “Day 7 – Snacks”

Day 6 – Exercise Logging

After taking my 50min walk yesterday I found myself a puzzle when it comes to logging. MFP is great, and really the best accurate database for looking up calories of food and exercise alike, that is out there. It is just great and gives you a really good, accurate estimate of what you have eaten, burned, and all that, from just your numbers, gender, and age. However, when you have something like Fitbit Charge HR, which measures your pulse, and calculates how much you burn based on that pulse, you notice some differences. Continue reading “Day 6 – Exercise Logging”

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