It’s that time again, you make new promises, you find new motivation, and you’re telling yourself that “this time I’ll make it!”. Now, this year is no difference, except from a few future events. 

I’m just about to start my very last semester. In May I am to graduate with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. Not only will I graduate, but I also have an offer ready, so I’ll start working just a few weeks later.

Being able to pick a dress for graduation sure sounds nice, without having to hear comments on how the model is not flattering, or that I look fat in it, etc . . .

Today there was a marathon of “Extreme Weight Loss” where Chris Powell helped several people lose weight throughout a year. Those people (given they have much more to lose in relation to their ideal weight) could lose almost 100lbs in just 3 months, then you’d think that I should be able to lose at least 10lbs in 4months?

Why such low goal? I feel I need to stay realistic and not have too high goals. That will most likely just make me lose my motivation. Especially if I close in on my graduation date and see that I am still far away.

Currently I’m wearing a size 8-10 depending on the brands, and what kind of clothes it is. My goal is to go down 2 sizes, so I am a 4-6. My main goal will be my waist, get a flat tummy, and thinner thighs and arms.

Once school starts I will be using the gym 3 times a week. I will also get a PT I think for the first month, to get started and get into habit. Until then I will start with getting used to drink more water without having to run to bathroom every 5min after drinking a glass of water.

My average water intake right now is 1-2 glasses per day, and one cup of tea. Before school starts in 3 weeks, I want my average to be the 10 glasses that I’m supposed to have. I got the 10 glasses a day goal, after reading somewhere that to know how much water your body needs, you take your weight in pounds, divide by two, and that will be the amount of ounces of water that you need.

However, from drinking that little, I will have to go slow. I can’t just start drinking 10 without having to run to bathroom all day, and I don’t feel like doing that. Maybe if I start drinking a few cups in the morning, so I can have the day free, and just sip throughout the day, then finish off a couple of hours before bed with the last few glasses . . . Maybe then I can start getting my body used to the new water intake.

What do you think?