Well, today I started off pretty good. Had consumed 23oz of water before noon, which is a big step for me. Still no breakfast though. Probably not very good, but I don’t know what or where dinner will be tonight. So I don’t want to risk using up too much calories. Gonna take a decent lunch instead. 

So, I ended up going golfing with dad for a bit. I’m not gonna log it, since we’re using cart, and I have my fitbit. So with the rest of my day quite sedentary, I don’t think it did much, except getting me freezing cold. I’m still trying to thaw up.

After syncing my fitbit it seems like I did make the right choice not to log the golf round. Logging it would have given me 783 calories, while fitbit only gave me 498 calories. I much rather have a lower value for my exercise, than a higher.

Regarding my water intake, it’s been much better today than before. I’m currently up at 62oz. MyFitnessPal recommends 65oz, and by the calculations I made in my first post (New Year – New Motivation) I’m “only” 20oz behind. So if I can use these last hours to down one more of my 23oz water bottle, I should be pretty good for today 😀