Today has not been a fun day. I didn’t get much sleep, and I got cold yesterday while golfing. My body does not react well to lack of sleep. It’s pretty much allergic to it. I get running nose, sneeze all day long, and usually get a soar throat and a pounding headache from all the sneezing. It doesn’t go away completely until I get a full night’s sleep. A nap helps a little, but it’s not enough.

With that said, I didn’t eat a whole lot today. I didn’t get all my water, but I did almost get what MyFitnessPal recommends (63oz, 65oz recommended). So still a good job, might just take one last glass before bed 😉

For dinner today I had sushi, and it’s probably gonna be one of my favorite foods, seeing how it fills you up, and it has basically no calories in comparison to the amount of food you eat. On average I estimated 50cal per piece. 50cal for miso soup, so you can easy have 8pieces and miso soup, and still have a meal under 500 calories.

Tomorrow won’t be much moving around either. Gonna go over the hills to my boyfriend’s grandmother, and we usually end up playing board games and drink wine. I’m still gonna count my calories. She too was on MyFitnessPal once, so she’ll understand 😀