So today I discovered old knowledge, but it felt like it was new. Drinks. After having a lovely day with boyfriend around town, looking at apartments, we felt like having a drink before dinner with my parents. I logged it, but god! Despite moving all day (even though I didn’t hit the 10k mark), The calories were barely enough!

I had a bigger breakfast today, and then a soup for lunch to compensate, but despite that, it felt like there were no calories left. While I don’t like the idea to eat up the calories you get from the fitbit/exercise, today I had to touch those calories anyway. It was worth it I guess. I’m still 200 below what I’m allowed, and total was only 52 calories above target.

One thing for sure. I’m glad I’m sticking to drinks, and not wine. Given neither is good for you in large quantities, and they can make you tipsy (to use nicer words 😛 ), drinks at least have a chance to be less than 150 calories per glass. So make sure what you drink, those drinks, even juices, like orange juice, steal away a lot of calories!