Today, I read a few posts from a friend on MFP, who is doing her own spreadsheets said from MFP. While using Apple to track how much she really burns each day, and MFP for how much she eats each day, she calculates a more accurate calorie deficit. Being a person who loves spreadsheets, I just had to learn more.

I’ve long known that in general you can convert calories to pounds. I don’t know how accurate it is, but they say it is 3500 calories in one pound. MFP calculates your deficit based on your BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate), and estimates how much you’d lose in 5 weeks if “everyday was like today”, by calculating the day’s deficit times 5 weeks, and divide it by 3500.

Now . . . I have a FitBit Charge. While I do not sleep with it, it probably gives a more accurate calorie burn through the day, than the standardized generic calculation that MFP is using. So I’m gonna take after my friend’s example, and have a spreadsheet, where I log what FitBit says I’m burning each day together with how much I consume. Each week on the Wednesday, I will have my weigh in day, and compare how the numbers turn out.

What do you think? Is 3500 calories truly one pound?