This morning I saw a few videos and articles on having cheat days. I remember way back I was doing that, and mentally it was very helpful, but number wise, not as much.

After asking around on MFP, and reading articles, it sounds like there are several upsides with having “cheat days”. Partially, it’s good for you mentally. To have that one day a week where you can have a little more and not have to be SUPER strict on the calories. While you should still think about how much you eat, so you don’t eat back whatever deficit you have during the rest of the week, you can have that extra 500cal and stay on your BMR that one day.

The second part is that it helps prevent plateaus. By not having a static calorie intake, you actually boost your metabolism by varying your calorie intake. It sounded crazy at first, but it kinda makes sense. Like most people, doing the same amount of work with no variations gets boring for anyone, including your body.

Like mentioned, having a cheat day makes it really easy to go way over your calories, as in to the point where you eat back whatever deficit you might have saved up. So, per an MFP friend’s suggestion, I will allow myself to have one cheat meal per week instead of a whole day. That way I won’t have to worry if I end up somewhere unexpected with boyfriend once a week, or I can have that homemade creamy mac and cheese, or that drink on a Friday Night.