After taking my 50min walk yesterday I found myself a puzzle when it comes to logging. MFP is great, and really the best accurate database for looking up calories of food and exercise alike, that is out there. It is just great and gives you a really good, accurate estimate of what you have eaten, burned, and all that, from just your numbers, gender, and age. However, when you have something like Fitbit Charge HR, which measures your pulse, and calculates how much you burn based on that pulse, you notice some differences.

While you want to log your workout, it overwrites what the Fitbit syncs in as a difference. And I noticed, the amount that it syncs in is less no matter if you log your exercise in the middle of the night when you had your fitbit on charge, or if you log it during the time you did do your workout. Yes, the difference was less when you logged it in the middle of the night, but there was still a difference.

Someone on MFP suggested to log just 1 calorie worth of workout just to have it in there, but even then it synced incorrectly. Although, instead of logging 1cal, 1min exercise, I kept the duration. But it just feels like too much hassle to do all that. I decided to just go with letting my Fitbit sync it all on its own. I rather have too few, than too many calories, and mentally I’ll be more relaxed if I don’t have to think about Fitbit maybe removing even more calories allowed during one day, because of the double logging.

Tomorrow is my official weigh-in day. I didn’t drink enough water yesterday, but I’ve been drinking quite a lot today. I also have to get up much earlier tomorrow, so we’ll see if that makes a difference as well. It’ll be about 2h difference compared to the normal hour I weigh myself, but hopefully it will still show a loss. Cross your fingers everybody!