Today wasn’t really a day I struggled with anything, or had problems with anything. Instead I proved myself something cool . . . I can go a day without any snacks! 😀

The biggest reason for my weight gain I would say is my love for sandwiches cheese and snacks. With studying, and midterms, and finals, there’s always been a good excuse for why I need those snacks – so I can stay focused and energized for the test.

While I wasn’t studying for a test or anything yesterday, I was still at school in the same setting as when I usually snack. However, I spent a good 6 hours there before heading home, without snacking on anything! On top of that I wasn’t drinking as much as I should have either. To my defense I did drink more than usual (7 glasses instead of the normal 3).

As a last note, this post is a day late. This all happened yesterday when my official weigh-in was, and lo and behold – I lost 3lbs! And that’s my first week of counting again! While it is a success, and a great loss, I don’t know how good it is mentally. I’m gonna have such high expectations on next week, and I’m scared that it will discourage me easy if I don’t reach 2+lbs weight loss per week now. From the numbers I expected 1.2lbs, but it ended up being 3. We’ll just have to see, and I hope many of you can help motivate me, and encourage me to go on if next week is not as successful.