We all encounter dilemmas at some points. At times they are legit justified dilemmas. However, from my experience dilemmas are mostly based on indecisiveness, based on what I want versus what I should/is the right thing to do.

Currently I am using the MFP goal of 1200 calories. But this week I started exercising, and this caused all kinds of dilemmas to arise. First of all . . . Do I log the exercise through MFP, or just accept the Fitbit synced calories?

As for now, I am logging both by recording so I have as a log on my wall the exercises that I’ve done, but then I remove the entries from the diary so the fitbit sync can take over. I don’t know if that is the best way or not. As of now I have my setting on sedentary, but I might just move into the low activity now when I’ve started to go to the gym. But does it really matter which level you have if you use the fitbit sync? I don’t know. . .

Next dilemma: Do I eat back all calories that I exercised for?

MFP think so, but I feel kinda of “What’s the point in exercising if you’re going to eat everything back?” I mean, if I were to eat everything back, I wouldn’t have to exercise at all, since I still see progress, and I lose my 1 lbs per week. But then again, when you exercise, you need more calorie intake, so the body can recover and actually get stronger.

For now, I decided to eat back about 50% of what I exercise. I figured it’d be a good starting point. Then I eat a little more than usually the days I do exercise, and still get a few calories over to boost my deficit, to lose more per week.

Since the 3500=1lbs rule won’t work as well now when I exercise and build muscles, I have to really remind myself to not get disappointed if I don’t see that 1lbs loss each week as I have the last few weeks. Remember, muscles are more dense than fat, so do not forget the measurements!

Any feedback is welcome! Even if I don’t respond to them directly, I do read all the comments, and take whatever suggestions that are thrown at me into consideration when I run into dilemmas and is forced to make a decision, so that I may be consistent.