2000897_origIt’s been 4 full weeks since I [re]started this journey to a healthier, thinner me. In the beginning I was struggling so much. I skipped a meal per day, in order to not go over my 1200 calorie goal, which at the time felt so little. But things have changed. . . 

While even the smallest bite used to feel like I am about to break my calorie goal, that is no longer the case. This is because of many reasons.

  1. I started to eat smaller portions. Especially here in the states, the portions are just unrealistically large for one person. One meal can easy be split up to two, sometimes even 3 or 4!
  2. I started to choose snacks with less calories. While I still don’t care too much about macros or micros, I still go by the calorie count.
  3. I started to walk more, and go to gym, allowing me to eat just a little more, like that afternoon snack I so desperately needed to not feel light headed.
  4. Keeping my own spreadsheet allowed me to see just how much deficit I had per day, how much I burned on average per day, and how much I ate per day, made me think twice about that 1200 calorie goal. Based off the MFP numbers for what I ate, and Fitbit numbers on what I burned, I really had a deficit closer to 700 per day! It is not bad in terms of losing weight faster, but since I always wanted to have a green number on MFP, it led to me really only eating 1100 calories on average per day. This was much too little! I started to feel weak, and so I decided on my own to up my calorie goal to my BMR.
  5. After having my nutrition session with my PT, she wanted to up my calorie even more, to 1500 calories per day. She was really impressed by my spreadsheet, and she found it really helpful to help set my goals for my different macros as well.
    I now could afford to have a breakfast without worry too much about the rest of the day! 😀
  6. I was told by my PT to eat more on the days I workout, since the body need the extra energy to recover, and build those muscles I’m working on, so I can get a higher burn in the end. Since BMR goes down with weight, you need the muscles to compensate, cause it’s not realistic to have an 800 calorie per day intake once I am down to my ideal weight range. So I decided due to measure errors, and devices and databases not being perfect, that I’d allow myself to eat back up to 50% of what Fitbit say I burned that day.

Cheat meal(s)

A lot of people talk about cheat meals, or even cheat days. I heard some say it’s also good for your body to not have a set amount of calories each day, that you need to switch up the amount every so often, so the body don’t go into a robotic state, and become this monotone machine burning the same everyday forever.

So I decided to have a cheat meal per week. I still count my calories those days. However, instead of the 1500 as goal, I let myself eat whatever I want, as long as the calorie intake for the day is no more than the calories I’ve burned that day. That way, while I slow down the progress, I won’t risk eating up whatever deficit I’ve worked up, countering my hard work.


I am still struggling with cravings of some foods, that I seem to always not chose cause I never have enough calories left by the time they come around. However, yesterday I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had 1 small cookie, 1 piece of chocolate covered pineapple, half a muffin from Costco (shared with boyfriend), and a bunch of cheese samples while grocery shopping!

Today is Super Bowl, and we have a bunch of snacks planned. While some are high in calories e.g. homemade burgers made with BBQ Steak Sauce and Teriyaki, and Skagenröra which is a Swedish classic shrimp mix/salad), some are lower in calories. Those would be a fruit plate, vegetables with some homemade dip on sour cream with spices.

I’ll start logging the burgers once I’ve measured up and made them. And same with the shrimp mix. I need to redo all my recipes on MFP that I’ve made over the years, labeling them with how much a serving really is for each dish. Gonna be a pain in the bicep to do that, seeing I have about 7 pages of recipes on MFP.

I still have a hard time getting my water. Being at school with expensive or disgusting water, it’s hard to find motivation to drink while in school. I’m trying though. But I do need to up my water intake still. Given I’m better at drinking water, it’s still not enough.


To not forget where I was, I’m gonna list where I started and where I’m at now.

Start: 164.5lbs     Current: 158.0lbs

Dominant Arm
Start: 36cm     Current: 36cm

Start: 104cm     Current: 99cm

Start: 86cm     Current: 81cm

1″ Below Belly Button
Start: 106.5cm     Current: 101cm

Start: 108cm     Current: 101.5cm

Dominant Thigh
Start: 64cm     Current: 61cm

1″ Above The Knee
Start: 45.5cm     Current: 44cm