Trip to 110

Day 5 – Cheat Days

This morning I saw a few videos and articles on having cheat days. I remember way back I was doing that, and mentally it was very helpful, but number wise, not as much. Continue reading “Day 5 – Cheat Days”


Day 4 – Net Values

Today, I read a few posts from a friend on MFP, who is doing her own spreadsheets said from MFP. While using Apple to track how much she really burns each day, and MFP for how much she eats each day, she calculates a more accurate calorie deficit. Being a person who loves spreadsheets, I just had to learn more. Continue reading “Day 4 – Net Values”

Day 3 – Drinks

So today I discovered old knowledge, but it felt like it was new. Drinks. After having a lovely day with boyfriend around town, looking at apartments, we felt like having a drink before dinner with my parents. I logged it, but god! Despite moving all day (even though I didn’t hit the 10k mark), The calories were barely enough! Continue reading “Day 3 – Drinks”

Day 2 – Sushi

Today has not been a fun day. I didn’t get much sleep, and I got cold yesterday while golfing. My body does not react well to lack of sleep. It’s pretty much allergic to it. I get running nose, sneeze all day long, and usually get a soar throat and a pounding headache from all the sneezing. It doesn’t go away completely until I get a full night’s sleep. A nap helps a little, but it’s not enough. Continue reading “Day 2 – Sushi”

Day 1

Well, today I started off pretty good. Had consumed 23oz of water before noon, which is a big step for me. Still no breakfast though. Probably not very good, but I don’t know what or where dinner will be tonight. So I don’t want to risk using up too much calories. Gonna take a decent lunch instead.  Continue reading “Day 1”

New Year – New Motivation

It’s that time again, you make new promises, you find new motivation, and you’re telling yourself that “this time I’ll make it!”. Now, this year is no difference, except from a few future events.  Continue reading “New Year – New Motivation”

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